Monday, May 27, 2013

Eve of destruction

Tomorrow is the first day of our remodel! And what will we begin with? Why, demolition, of course.  

The boys will start by knocking out the back wall of our basement. Now it seems to me that if our house has an upper level and a lower level, and the walls of the lower level are destroyed, then wouldn't the whole house collapse? Just sayin' . . . .

Rebecca and I are already being disabused of a little assumption we made. We had thought we'd be able to use our house as a sort of pied a terre during the course of the remodel. You know, come visit on the weekends, maybe watch a movie,
The reception's great,
if you don't mind a little plastic.

enjoy a nice homey getaway from our apartment, 

put our friends up in the guest room.

And did I mention that our job features the coolest port-a-potty on earth?
Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart!
Stay tuned, kids.  This party's just getting started.

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  1. I am in awe of that Porta Potty! Those should be required by zoning mandates.