Monday, July 8, 2013

Into every house a little rain must fall.

You find out a lot when you take your house down to the bare minimum. Not all of it is good. Take this photo, for example. See that damp stuff?


It turns out our neighbor's gutters are. . . how shall I put this delicately . . . for shit. So when it rains, the water pours off his roof directly into the space between our homes where there is no drainage. 

This is a job for Aaron Gordon Construction!

We brought together the greatest minds in the business to address the situation. That would be, left to right: Marc Lindsell, our architect/designer; Aaron Gordon, our contractor (celebrating his birthday today in our basement) andChad Greensburg, whose title I forget, but who we call and email a lot. He bosses the heavy lifters around.

 They advised and we consented to waterproof the space between our house and our neighbor's. Executing the task is not as difficult as finding the right people to do it. With just 16 inches between the homes, we need a tiny, talented person or two to seal the deal, as it were. Special consideration will be given to members in good standing of the Lollipop Guild and/or Lullaby League.

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