Sunday, August 11, 2013

Change is good, I'm told.

Our house has been going through a lot of change lately. We've got all kinds of people coming and going.

This is our electrician. You can tell because he has voltage coming out his ear.

This is our plumber. He has a pipe growing out of his face.

This is Chad, the foreman; Rebecca, my main squeeze; and Marc, the architect. I don't know what they're doing. 

Construction-wise, our heating ducts have been installed and I'm happy to report they're being embedded in the ceiling. That is a great improvement from before when the ducts were hanging low and running every which way. On a dark and stormy night a few Decembers ago, one of these bad boys just crashed to the floor and we had no heat. 

Before: low-hanging, unattractive ducts.
Now: not-as-low hanging, still unattractive ducts. 
Soon: a cover-up in which the ducts will be hidden in the ceiling.

Upstairs, our new windows are being installed. Sadly, I forgot to specify that we'd like to be able to see out them. 

I think I feel an upcharge coming on.

And here two pictures that I just like. Never thought I'd say that about construction photos, but then I never thought I'd be buying my jeans at Bloomingdale's, either. Don't ask . . .

That's all for now, folks. Rebecca and I are heading off on our big trip tomorrow, so I probably won't be posting much till September. 

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  1. How very exciting! It's all coming together. Do we have to sneak over and send you pictures while you're gone?