Thursday, September 5, 2013

While we were out (of the country)

What would summer be without a summer vacation?  Rebecca and I decided to do it up big this year by taking ourselves on an ocean voyage. To clarify, I mean we paid for the trip. Other people drove the ship we were on around the British Isles and Scandinavia.

Two stone-cold dykes in front of one dry stone dyke
Orkney Islands, Scotland

Very old dry stone wall
Orkney Islands, Scotland
Meanwhile, back in Noe Valley, work proceeded apace on our house.

Very new dry not stone wall
San Francisco, California
A team of crackerjack construction workers replaced the front windows with ones we can see out of. This might seem funnier if you read the previous blog post.

They installed a skylight over our new interior stairs.

And they put a lot of electrical wires and stuff all over the place.

They also did some new wiring in my office. Of course, before any work begins anywhere in our house, the boys must first wreak some mandatory havoc. The office was no exception.
At last -- a good excuse for writers block.
So . . . quite a bit got done, yes?

This is a picture of a Norwegian fjord. I was there a week ago.

And here's where I was today.

Just sayin' . . . 

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